Today I faced small confusion how to configure my Eclipse to use JRebel with Grails 3 framework. This is step by step configuration.

  1. Get ready with your eclipse on fedora 22 and gnome shell (I’m using sts-3.7.0.RELEASE);
  2. Install Gradle IDE Plugin;
    Screenshot from 2015-09-30 10-25-49
  3. Install JRebel – it’s just a tool to autoreloading classes and spring beans ;-);
    Screenshot from 2015-10-02 10-49-40
  4. Install Groovy 2.4 support from GitHub, (eclipse 4.5 Mars);
    Screenshot from 2015-10-02 10-43-57
  5. Create your Grails 3 application
    grails create-app hello-world --profile=web
    cd hello-world
    grails> create-controller homePage
  6. Import project into eclipse;
  7. Edit file (to add JRebel compatibility), documentation at GitHub:
    buildscript {
      repositories {
      dependencies {
         classpath group: 'org.zeroturnaround', name: 'gradle-jrebel-plugin', version: '1.1.2'
    apply plugin: 'rebel'
  8. Run “gradle generateRebel” -> generate rebel.xml file
    1. In eclipse, Window -> Show view -> Other -> Select Gradle -> Gradle Tasks
      Screenshot from 2015-10-02 15-06-47
    2. The file is generated under this location: build/classes/main/rebel.xml

During the next few days I will publish how to run Grails 3 with JRebel:

  1. From command line without JRebel
  2. From command line with JRebel
  3. From eclipse as a Spring Boot Application without JRebel
  4. From eclipse as a Spring Boot Application with JRebel

When I run the default eclipse STS-3.7.0 on the linux fedora 22 the look and feel is not what I’m expecting. Especially margin of tabs, button, text is too big. I’m loosing a lot of screen space because of this “nice GTK3 look”. The problem is with current GTK3 theme that is used by fedora on Gnome Shell 3.16.2. I’ve tried many different approaches to change this (editing css styles for eclipse, editing current GTK3 theme), but the simplest and the best is just to use GTK2 to run eclipse.

To achieve this, create simple bash script (like in  your eclipse directory:

export SWT_GTK3=0

Remember to make this file “runnable”:

chmod +x

This is how the eclipse looks before:

Screenshot from 2015-10-02 09-31-39


Screenshot from 2015-10-02 09-43-05